Chemical Earthing Rods & Electrodes
Chemical Earthing deals with number of choices of electrodes & rods.
Like: Copper Bonded Earthing Electrode, Chemical GI Earthing Electrode, Chemical Copper Earthing Electrode, Gel Earthing Electrode, Pipe Earthing Electrode, Solid Earthing Rod, Copper Bonded Clad Rod and more.

Any metallic conductor bury inside the ground will always support earthing. The evolution began with plate & pipe earthing which later emerged in the form of electrodes due to plural drawbacks of the conventional technique. These elements are serviceable in GI/Copper/Copper Bonded.

To under-estimate the existing technologies, Copper bonded rod came into being. No doubt CBR possess ascertain efficiency with 99.9% pure copper coating mended on core of steel of 0.254 mm thickness. The technology resides no hidden factor & resist corrosion more effectively.


Earth Enhancement Compound
Earth Enhancement Compound is the replacement of salt & charcoal due to its inevitable aspects. It is an admirable conductive material which lowers down earth resistance and impedance assessment.

Earth Enhancement Compound is a low-cost, corrosion resistant, carbon-based material conforms to IEC® 62561-7. The compound is ROHS tested and is exclusively relevant to all grounding conditions. In addition, the material does not dissolve, decompose, or leach out with time.

JAM plus (readily available in 10 kg bags).

JAM fill (readily available in packing of 25 kg Bag).

JAM Magic (units/package: 1; easy to store).

Copper Clad Steel Conductor
Copper Clad steel conductor is an economical replacement of GI strips/solid copper conductor. It inhabits 99.9% copper coating of 250 microns on the steel core of high tensile strength. Copper Clad Steel Conductor has the same corrosion repellent characteristics as copper and served as highly reliable and efficient grounding conductor.

The conductor is less vulnerable to theft as it does not have high grain value as copper. It can easily bear more mechanical abuses and is less prone to fatigues induced by vibrations. It abolishes the circumstance of damage from fault currents, short circuit conditions and lightning strikes by rapidly dissipate the surge current or lightning current to ground.

Earthing products

Exothermic Welding
A welding system should be enough sufficient to bear the challenged forces. Mechanical joints are more prone to the loss. In case, Exothermic Welding System is an essentiality for achieving longwearing & credible outcomes in earthings. Exothermic joints are obtained for permanently joining the two electrical conductors. It is the only, highly acceptable means by virtue of which welding joints are created.

  • The weld is corrosion resistant and the system does not have to face any kind of increase in electrical resistance.
  • It is highly stable in case of repeated vibration.
  • The system engages exothermic welding powder for molecular binding.

Earth Pit Covers
Earthing System installation without an Earth Pit Cover is not a condition that satisfies safety. Earth pit covers are provided for checking and recording earth resistance value after an interval of time. In addition to, it is a paramount to human safety after installation.

These pit covers are available in DMC, FRP & PVC bragging. The texture dwells in high mechanical strength along with ease of fabrication and constitute removable top for any-time pit inspection.

Clamps & Couplings
An extensive range of clamps and coupling devices is owned for tolerance. These are used to connect two ends together for the purpose of disseminating power. Couplings do not casually allow disconnection of materials during operation. They collaborate to-

  • transfer power or current from one end to another.
  • propose protection against overloads.
  • avoid misalignment

Note: Assembling or Disassembling is possible without wear and tear.